Monster Bucks XXV Volume 1 (2017 Release)

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Monster Bucks XXV Volume 1 (2017 Release)

Realtree’s 25th Anniversary of Monster Bucks – Volume 1 features 34 incredible hunts from the best hunting locations in North America.  Enjoy hunts with bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, and rifle with the biggest names in the hunting industry such as Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and “T-Bone” Turner from the “Bone Collector” crew, Nate Hosie and Randy Birdsong of “Headhunters TV”, Realtree’s David Blanton, Tyler Jordan and Roger Culpepper, Whitetail Freaks’ Don Kisky, Duck Dynasty’s John Godwin … just to name a few!

34 hunts

Run Time:  151 minutes


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Halon6 Jun 20th 2018


Awesome dvd. Big bucks taking dirt naps

Frank A.Serena Jr. Aug 1st 2017

M.B.XXV Vol.1 and Vol.2

What can I say that I haven't been saying for the past 25 years with every new video.I have followed you all since the very beginning and just when one can't see it getting any better...WAM! It goes beyond better.I really hope before I go to the tree stand in the sky hopefully I can get a crack at one of those crazy big bucks for myself.......Thanx for the trills everybody.You are all my invisible hunting buddies.Appreciate all the excitement every year a new set of dvd's comes out.Look forward to many more years of your great videos and all the characters involved. Stay safe and thanx again.

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