Monster Bucks of North America

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Realtree's first produced Monster Bucks of North America. This is where it all began!

Join Realtree designer Bill Jordan, David Blanton and Team as they travel the continent, matching wits with some of the largest bucks that North America has to offer. Follow the Realtree Production Team as they travel from Michigan to Saskatchewan, Canada, and then on to the world-renowned brush country of South Texas.

Enjoy incredible footage of over 10 hunts with members of the Realtree Pro Staff, NASCAR greats Davey Allison and Dale Earnhardt, and former NFL quarterback Steve Bartkowski. Witness huge bucks scoring from 145 to 170 gross Boone & Crockett being taken using a variety of hunting strategies. Also, we'll share those moments of close encounters between hunters and record class bucks where only the memories are taken home after these "What if?" hunts.

Approximate Length: 70 min



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Jason Weaver Nov 23rd 2009

Going for the set thanks realtree

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